IGEN x Homoncik

August 23, 2023
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The joint project of young designer Mariola Homoncik and polish vintage shop IGEN is a firm statement: sustainable fashion today is available to everyone and should be an everyday choice. Regardless of lifestyle, tastes and preferences – there are enough solutions to support eco changes in the fashion industry that everyone can take care of building a more thoughtful, less impulsive and sustainable closet. Experts say that the fashion industry’s efforts do not match the scale and pace of change that is needed. While the industry is taking initiatives here and there and running pilot projects – even if some of them are promising – environmentally impactful production activities are still taking place in the background.

We would like to inspire you to create your own style based on thoughtful fashion choices. In a simple, unforced way, we prove that building a look with clothes from Polish brands, designers and second-hand is the perfect way to define your own new fashion identity. Changing shopping habits means that a style based on combining designer items with vintage often costs no more than compulsive shopping from fast fashion brands.

In our joint project, IGEN and Homoncik confirm that designer clothes can be successfully combined with second-hand items to create unique styles. All the looks are deeply rooted in the fashion aesthetics of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The layered styles and sets from Homoncik’s collection correspond perfectly with the unique leather accessories from IGEN, adding an extravagant touch to the whole look. Both brands show how to combine things from different, but in each case sustainable sources and thus build a conscious style, in which sustainable fashion and redefined shopping habits should be the leading trend.

Art direction: Kasia Derkacz, Ewelina Gajoch, Mariola Homoncik
Foto: Caroline Grzelak
Video: Jakub Kędzia, Ewelina Gajoch
Style: Kasia Derkacz, Weronika Domagalska
Model: Matylda Sokołowska/ MODEL PLUS
Makeup & hair: Sandra Broniszewska